Name: Joel Jakobsson


Born: 1978


Location: Gävle


Country: Sweden


Title: 3D Artist


Education: Creative Computer

Graphics University

of Gävle, Sweden.


Skills: Autodesk Maya 2013,

Adobe suite


Zodiac sign: Gemini


Interest: 3D, Games and Movies.


E-mail: info@joeljakobsson.com


3D Model of a Cartoon car, made with nurbs in A very simple and sleek.

A simple 3D model of our planet Earth and some flying saucers from my silent movie project.

Can you capture reality or has it captured you….

"The Human Condition" in 3D

originally by René Magritte

A 3D model of a World War I triplane.

The Fokker Dr I,

flown by the infamouse "Red Baron"

"Here's Johnny!"

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