Who am I?


I was born 1978 the year of the "Horse" according to the chinese zodiac, also the same year as Richard Donner´s Superman the movie wich had a great impact on my childhood.

Currently reside in Sweden in a small town of Gävle, home of the worlds largest straw goat "Julbocken" that gets torched almost ever year.


I didnt start to pursue my career as an 3D artist until after 30 years, although my passion for film and games has always been there.



Curriculum vitae

Personal details













Joel Jakobsson


Brynäsgatan 111

802 88, Gävle

In Sweden


2010-2013 in Creative Computer Graphics

University of Gävle, Sweden.


Work experience

To be updated...

Creative Skills

  • Autodesk Maya 2013

  • Adobe After Effects CS5


  • Adobe Premiere CS5


  • Adobe After Photoshop CS5

Other Skills


Languages: Swedish native,

English good in speach and writing.



Driving licence for passenger cars (Category B).



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